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Why We Do What We Do


Our world is fast paced. Don’t get me wrong, there’s lots of benefits that come with that – we can find answers at the click of a mouse, we can access news from around the world in seconds. Beats trawling through libraries for books (yes, when I went to Uni I did that)…

But urgh, there are days when it all gets too much. It’s like we are bombarded with information, with choices to make, with stuff to read, with emails and messages to reply to.

And most of that information is unfiltered ! The age of social media has enabled a space for anyone and everyone with an opinion to share it with the world instantly. Discerning what information is useful, truthful and worth listening to can be difficult and exhausting.

It’s like there is no time for just being still anymore. No time to digest all of that information that comes our way and understand what is intrinsically right for us. There’s lots of value placed on academic achievement and less on being ‘street smart’.

Meditation can be a very powerful tool to development of self-awareness, and ultimately achieve self-empowerment. And while the act of meditation is still, if practiced over time it can encourage action.

Our passion and drive at Tonic for the Soul is to offer the time and space for people to gain clarity about themselves, to understand and know their own values, and ultimately what actions they need to take to enrich their own life experience – in harmony with who they are.

We encourage you to be mindful, be grateful and be purposeful in all that you do. And through this, your life can change in such amazing ways.

Want to know more?

Here’s some info about the girl who dreamed up Tonic for the Soul, Sharna Luscombe.

Click here to see our FAQ page and to send us an email if you’d like to get in touch.