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Hey ! I’m Sharna – and Tonic for the Soul is my dream.

My Dad first introduced me to meditation when I was 11 years old. I didn’t maintain regular practice until much later – but I wish I had! The benefits of meditation practice for me have been life-changing – it’s just a shame I didn’t discover that until later in life.

It’s a shame because I was always a worrier. My mind never stopped. Eventually, the stress of life was catching up with me. And the stress made me sick to the stomach and had an effect on my health.

In an effort to regain my health I was drawn to natural therapies, and began a journey of self-healing and discovery.

I started meditating. I read numerous books, I subscribed to healing websites, I started to work with crystals and essential oils. I worked with some incredible healers, who mentored me and showed me how to access my intuitive gifts. And these beautiful souls showed me that it was better to treat the cause of my issues, not the symptoms. To look to the soul and the body will heal.

For me, practicing regular meditation and receiving intuitive coaching has helped my child-like inquisitiveness for life to return. I feel passionate about what I do. I feel connected to Mother Earth and all that she offers. And for the first time, I really understand what it is to trust my own intuition.

The changes in me have made me want to help empower younger generations to make the world a better, less fearful place that celebrates diversity.

You can find out more about my 18 year corporate career here: au.linkedin.com/pub/sharna-luscombe/53/b4a/709/

I studied at a number of fantastic universities, but am also a graduate of the Diploma of Intuitive Dynamix – a truly life-changing course: http://www.heidisvision.com/diploma-of-intuitive-dynamix

100% Certified Natural Therapist Member International Institute for Complimentary Therapies
100% Certified Natural Therapist Member International Institute for Complimentary Therapies
My Dad and I
Kids are our future