Be Mindful

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This cartoon has got to be one of my favourite finds, because it really does sum up for me what each and every one of us face in our lives today. A big choice.

We can have a full mind, or be mindful…

The choice is not always black and white – but striking the right balance for you is key.

We can have a full mind: Our minds can be like run away trains if we let them! Minds loves being busy – it’s like their default position, and they can overrun us with random bits of information, peppered with lots of worry.

 We can be mindful. Being mindful is about retraining your brain to focus on the right here, right now, and reduce that worry. It doesn’t mean that you stop using your mind, or that you stop thinking. By setting aside your worries, even for just a short time, you’d be surprised how easily you can resolve them if and when you decide to revisit them.

 Here are my top tips for being mindful:

  •  Stop multi-tasking! We wear this like a badge of honour, but really, too many things on the go can send us into overload really quickly. At the start of each day or week (whatever suits you best) make a plan for the tasks that you are going to do. Schedule them. Then do them – no distractions.
  • Someone gave me some great advice on my wedding day. They said to me “today is going to flash by you. Every now and then, stop yourself, breath deeply, and take notice of what’s happening around you. Those are the moments you will remember.” She was right.
  • Practice listening. I know that sounds weird, but there really is an art to listening. Some people listen just to be able to respond properly. Others actively listen to what someone is telling them and consider their words just as they are. They simply focus on what that person is telling them. There is real beauty in hearing people and in being heard.

Until next time, go forth and mind your mindfulness! Sharna xo